Glass Jar set with Cork Sphere Lids (3 Pieces)

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Glass Jar set with Cork Sphere Lids (3 Pieces)

Add a touch of beauty and modernity to your kitchen and home with this 3-Pack Modern Clear Glass Storage Jar set with Wood Ball Cork Lid Airtight Transparent Canister (17oz, 27oz, 40oz)

This space-saving kitchen accessory is a great way to keep your house looking clean and organized. The high-quality, durable borosilicate glass is an environmentally friendly and healthier alternative to plastics and can be used to store a variety of foods and household items. With a slight twist, you will find the cork lid seals tighter with the glass jars, preserving the freshness and taste of your food. The versatility and sleek design make it a perfect gift for any home decor or organization enthusiast! Each package comes with 3 glass jars, all with a mouth opening of 2.5 inches.


  • Fancy set of three modern clear glass jars.
  • Made of high-grade borosilicate glass.
  • Woodball cork lids to seal the jars and cut off from the outside keeping your food fresh and isolated from dust and little bugs, allowing you to fill the bottle and keep the contents fresh for a long time.
  • Easy to use.
  • Beautiful Modern Design.
  • Good for storing candy, rice, cereals, nuts, beans, snacks, cookies, pasta, coffee, tea, sugar, seasonings, dry food, and more.
  • Ideal for displaying in the open on your countertop, shelves, cabinets, and pantry.
  • Can be used not only to store items but also being a stylish adornment for all styles of home decoration, also suitable for decorating kitchens, restaurants, exhibitions, and various scenes.

Dimensions and sizes:

  • Large jar | capacity: 40.6oz (1200ml) | approximate size: 3.5in(L) x 3.5in(W) x 9.3in(H)
  • Medium jar | capacity: 27.1oz (800ml) | approximate size: 3.5in(L) x 3.5in(W) x 7.0in(H)
  • Small jar | capacity: 16.9oz (500ml) | approximate size: 3.5in(L) x 3.5in(W) x 5.4in(H)

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